Cash App, a peer-to-peer money transfer service facilitates users to easily send and receive money. Developed by Square Inc., Cash App doesn’t have any fees for providing basic services. Users don’t need to send or receive money or pay fees even for inactivity or for doing foreign transactions.

How much does Cash App Charge?

Cash App even facilitates free ATM withdrawals for direct deposits; otherwise, the fee for ATM withdrawals via the Cash Card is $2. Besides this, sending money via credit card incurs a 3% charge. There is also a separate charge for instant transfers which is about 1.5% fee. However, standard transactions take about two to three days time and are free of cost. Personal accounts can receive free money. But business accounts can be charged about 2.75% for receiving money. 

Does Cash App charge a fee?

Standard transactions are free of cost while instant transfers, transactions made via credit card, and ATM cash withdrawals with Cash Card have separate rates of charges.

How much does Cash App charge to cash out?

If customers want to cash out their money which means send money from the Cash App to their bank accounts or debit cards, then $0.25 charges are levied for this purpose. It is to be noted that this is the minimum fee for instant cash out; however, if someone goes for the standard transfer option, then it can be chargeless. The maximum fee for instant transfer can go upto 1.5% of the total amount of money that is being cashed out. It is to be also noted that the cash out monthly limit is $1000.

Cash App instant deposit fee calculator

So, it is known that the customers have to bear the instant transfer fee charges which are in the range of 0.25% to 1.5%. There are many sites which can help you to calculate how much charges you need to bear while instantly depositing money. To avoid paying the charges, users can opt for standard deposits but in case of emergencies they might want to go with the Cash App instant deposit fee.

So, you can look at the below example to understand how much you be exactly paying under different scenarios in case of personal as well as business accounts:

  • If you are sending $500 as an instant bank deposit from your bank account, Cash App balance, or credit card, then you would get $492.5.

Cash App fee calculator

There are many free sites where you can find a Cash App fee calculator like Maniacs info.

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