To cancel a Venmo account on an iPhone, you will have to first log in to your account from a computer instead of your mobile app. Then you’ll have to follow the below-given steps.

how to delete a venmo account on iphone

How to delete a Venmo account on an iPhone?

  • You will have to transfer all your funds to some other place; it could be your bank account or another Venmo account belonging to your friend or family also.
  • Next, log into your account again by clicking on the Settings tab.
  • Almost near the end of the page, you would come across the option called Close my Venmo account tab.
  • You’ll then need to click on the Next tab.
  • Review your account statement before finally closing your account.
  • Now, click on the close account tab.
  • Once your account is closed you must check your email for a confirmation message from Venmo. The mail will contain your transaction history and also a goodbye line or two for you.

How to delete a Venmo business account?

Ideally, a Venmo business account cannot be deleted without deleting your Venmo personal account. So, once you close your account, your business account will also get closed.

You do not have the option to close your business profile while retaining your profile. However, if you choose to do so, you can contact the support center.

Few important points one needs to keep in mind while closing a business account are;

  • Once closed business accounts can’t be reactivated back.
  • You will not be allowed to create another new business account tied to your account.
  • One can never create another business account with the same business profile identity.

How to delete a frozen Venmo account?

You will ideally have to unfreeze an account to delete it. A frozen account cannot be deleted since your account might be having money that needs to be transferred before you plan to close your account.

An account can be frozen in three circumstances.

  • When a transaction has failed from your account. In this case, you can simply replenish the amount in your account until the funds are completely retrieved.
  • It could mean someone else is using your account and to preserve it Venmo freezes the account or it could be that some of Venmo’s policy has been violated from your end.
  • In this situation go to your login option.
  • Next, reply to the mail Venmo sent you when freezing your account.
  • You can also reach them via phone between 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday through their customer care at 855-812-4430.
  • You can also chat with someone by opening the Venmo app and then clicking the menu icon from the upper left-hand corner.
  • Go to Get Help>Contact us>connect with a human>chat with us. This will enable you to chat with a real-time help center executive.


Can I delete my Venmo account and make a new one?

Your Venmo account can be permanently deactivated and you can create a new personal account anytime, using the same phone number and email ID you used for your previous Venmo account. 

However, you cannot make a new business account for your business once you have deleted a personal account linked to your business account.

If you have opened another personal account, you cannot link it to the same business again having the same business name you used before.

What happens when you close your Venmo account?

Once your account is closed, you will get a mail that will confirm the closure of the account.

Can you close your Venmo account if it's frozen?

You must not close a frozen account since you might have a balance in your Venmo frozen account.

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