Cash app card needs to be active. Once you open an account with Cash app and request for a debit card, you will be mailed one to your mailing address and then you’ll have to activate the card.

To do so you’ll have to look into the below relevant information.

How to USE Cash App Card at ATM

How to USE Cash App Card at ATM?

  • Click on the Cash card option on the app, the second icon in the app.
  • Now click on the virtual cash card and you will get two options on the slider that pulls up.
  • Enable Cash card and show Cash card information.
  • Slide the Cash card enable toggle switch to the right.
  • You’ll have to put in your touch ID to enable Cash ID activation.
  • Now, you have enabled and activated your cash card.
  • From the privacy and security option, you can easily change or add Cash PIN.

For Cash app card ATM withdrawal, follow the below steps.

  • In ATMs make sure you swipe the Cash card and use the Cash Pin to make ATM withdrawals.
  • However, you must know that Cash card ATM withdrawals are limited. To remove the limit on ATM withdrawals you’ll have to deposit at least $300 in your account.
  • Once done your ATM withdrawals will become free and after that every deposit would keep adding up a 31 days of free ATM withdrawals.
  • However, Cash app would charge a straight $2 fee for Cash app withdrawals when withdrawals are limited. Once you have submitted $300 to your account, you will be able to get a refund of the $2 charged per ATM withdrawals from you.

How to USE cash app at ATM without card?

There is no way you can withdraw cash from ATM without a Cash app card. So, all you can do is transfer the amount you wish to draw out to your bank account. Cash app lets you withdraw $1000 per week.

  • Go to your Cash app and then click on the balance shown.
  • Look at your bottom right corner, now, select the Cash out option.
  • Choose to move an amount and try to select instant cash out option (there will be a 1.5% withdrawal fee on the amount you are withdrawing).
  • Now, fulfil the verification procedure and within seconds your amount would be available in your bank account.
  • From your nearby ATM withdraw the amount by using the bank’s ATM card.

How do I USE cash app card at ATM?

For Cash app card ATM withdrawal, you’ll have to make sure your card is active. Additionally, if your card is not active, you can activate it from your app. Considering your card is active, you can take it to the ATM.

Additionally, have a PIN and ensure you remember your ATM PIN.

  • Now take the VISA debit card to your ATM and swipe it.
  • Add your PIN and follow the other instructions to withdraw money from the ATM.


Can I use my Cash app card at an ATM?

Can you use Cash app card at ATM? The answer to it is a yes. Since, it is nothing but an ordinary VISA debit card, you can easily use it in an ATM like any other ordinary debit card.

Can Cash app card be used at ATM?

Can I use Cash app card at ATM? Yes, it can be used easily at any of the ATMs where you use your ordinary bank ATM cards for withdrawing money. Cash app card can be used at any random ATM like an ordinary debit card? It is issued by the Sutton bank and follows the T&C of the Lincoln Savings bank.

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