Cash app is one of the world’s most widely used finance devices largely used in a few countries across the world to send and receive money. The Cash app is easy to install and allows senders to transfer money within a matter of seconds from the time users launch an account.

How to link a bank account to a cash app without a debit card

With the Cash app, users can not only send and receive money but can also do a lot of other stuffs like receiving paychecks, filling up tax returns, receiving stimulus checks through direct deposits, and also helps you transact with your stocks and cryptocurrency deposits and transactions.

To have a verified account with the Cash app, you will need an original identification card and also a valid bank account number, and a debit card number.

However you can always skip adding the debit card number for making a valid account, so if you do not have a debit card account or you don’t want to use a debit card number you can easily avoid the step. Here are a few steps as to how you can do it.

How to Link Bank Account to Cash App without Debit Card?

– First of all, go to your Cash app account.

– Next, click on the Banking tab, and there below, you’ll have a tab that will say to add & link a bank account.

– Click on the + sign and then move onto the next page where you will find instructions to add your debit card number.

– So, if you’re not ready to add your bank debit card number. You can skip the step by clicking on the left tab which prompts with a no card tab to skip adding the debit card details.

– In the next screen, an option pops up which instructs you to link your bank account with the help of your bank’s username and password.

– To do so you will need to click on the continue tab which appears at the bottom of the page.

– As soon as you click on the Continue button you will be taken to the next page which asks you to choose your bank.

– Soon, you’ll have to add the login credentials which is the username and password you use for your bank.

– No sooner, you have filled in; you’ll have to do a two-factor authentication process whereby you have to enter the one-time password which is sent to either your mail ID or phone.

– Once you have filled in the OTP, you will get a validation that would inform you that your account has been successfully linked.

 Now that your account is linked you’ll get a linked symbol and then upon clicking on it, you’ll find that there is a place where you can also link your debit card if later you wish to do so.

How to add a bank account to the cash app?

 Simply go to the Banking services,

– Click on the link accounts segment,

– Add your bank name, bank location, ABA routing number, and account number.

– Once you have added it, there will be several trial deposits made to your account, which you will have to validate.

– Once validated your account would be linked to your Cash app account.

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