QLink Wireless Free Phone [2023] Who is Eligible & How to get it?

Qlink wireless free phone services are for people in the low-income group, and Qlink provides them with wireless services effectively across different states. It is one of the largest telecommunications companies operating in the United States and serves the purpose of the lower income groups well. It covers almost 99% of Americans and is available to low-income groups with free or discounted plans.

If you want to know whether there are any free phone facilities available with Qlink wireless, you will need to read this entire article that specifically discusses the topic.

But before we jump into the next segment, you will need to know that Qlink Wireless offers a phone for those in the Lifeline plan, and that phone is known as the ‘Always On Plan.’

Does Qlink wireless offer free phones?

Generally, there are no Qlink wireless free phone offers. The government offers two plans to those who need them the most: the ACP and Lifeline plans. In both of these plans, the government does not offer free phone service.

However, if you are disheartened, do not be, as Qlink Wireless brings up frequent promotions. Apart from these promotions, you can also get a free phone with a tablet as and when you transfer your device to Qlink Wireless and also make a copayment of $10.01.

What kind of free phone do you get with Qlink?

You can get a ZTE Z3001S smartphone right after you sign up with them. Along with the Qlink wireless phone number and phone, you will also get additional monthly minutes and data to use.

How do I get a free phone from Qlink?

To sign up for a Qlink wireless phone number with a phone from Qlink,

  • You will have to sign up with Qlink first. The signup process takes just five minutes.
  • After the simple approval process, you will need to bring your phone to enjoy free service.

Along with the free phone, you can get the Qlink wireless phone number, and you will also be able to get a lot of free stuff.

  • 4.5 gigabytes of data
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Picture Messaging Unlimited Plan
  • Phone Activation and SIM Card for free
  • You can go without a credit check
  • You can also keep your phone number

Additionally, there are no annual contract issues, and it comes with coverage around the entire nation, alongside voice mail and 3-Way Calling. You can get free emergency service call facilities and also access ten million WiFi auto connect spots.

Who qualifies for Qlink wireless free phone?

You can qualify immediately for a free phone if you are in any of these government aid programs.

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Public Housing Assistance from the Federal government (Section 8)
  • Administration Pension, or survivors pension for veterans
  • Also, if you are at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, you can be eligible for a free phone.

How to Qlink wireless Free Phone Login?

The Qlink wireless free phone login process is pretty similar to any other site login.

Step 1- Add your email and password, and then click on the blue login tab that is given in the login page.

Step 2- If you want to reset your password, you can follow the instructions on the right side of the screenshot below.

Step 3- Receive the link either via SMS or email and then click on the reset my password tab.

Q Link login

After logging in, you can

  • Complete an order,
  • Or view the status of your orders.
  • You can also upload documents,
  • And you can check usage and refill your account.
  • Additionally, you can also recertify any of your details if required.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Qlink phones monitored?

No, there is no specific way in place to monitor all the Qlink phones that are given out to the public.

However, they can be as easily tracked and monitored as any other phone through the use of special spy technology and other routine methods prevalent today.

What free phone does Qlink give you?

The ZTE Z3001S is the phone available to Qlink wireless service users. This is the standard phone type people will get when they migrate from another network.

Which lifeline gives free phone?

Assurance Wireless is a lifeline assistance program of the government. With it, an individual can get a free phone along with free monthly data, unlimited text message provisions, and a good amount of free monthly minutes.


Here is what you get from the Qlink, and the Qlink wireless free phone offers are limited as they typically are not a free phone distributor. However, when switching to the Qlink Wireless program for the first time, you can easily take advantage of the opportunity to get a free phone easily.

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