Terms And Conditions

Hey! welcome to the Terms and Conditions Page of windmillgame.com

Every website has terms and conditions that users need to follow. So, our website also has it. Visitors need to read this page before using our website.

Copyright Protected

Our website and all its data are protected by the DMCA Copyright. So, no one is allowed to copy our content and publish it on their websites or on any other platforms. You can share our post link with your friends, and family by directly clicking on the sharing icons given on every post. You can also share the link directly by copying it from the internet browser.

Terms And Conditions

Read these conditions carefully, if any of these points are violated, we have full right to take the action against the person.

  • No one is allowed to copy our original Media to their websites.
  • You cannot use or copy our original content.
  • Don’t try to rewrite our original content on any third-party websites. If a person is caught doing so, we have the full right to file a DMCA against him.
  • All the articles given on the website is only for informative purpose.
  • We don’t share any adult content on our website. So anyone can use our website freely.

Third-Party Websites.

Our website may have third-party links on some posts. Clicking on them will lead you to their websites. Also, we are not responsible for any third-party website. Because their terms and conditions & Privacy Policy can be different from our site. So, you should read their policies before using their websites.


Yes, our website uses cookies.

Cookies are basically small files that store in the user’s internet browser. It only generates when the user first visits our website. This is only for the user’s benefit. So, the user can access our website easily and more fastly.


Yes, we can modify this web page without any prior notice to our users. But by visiting this page you can easily see when the page last updated. So, users need to visit this web page to check the terms and conditions updation.

So, this is all about the Terms and conditions of windmillgame.com. if you want to give us any suggestions or have any queries feel free to contact us through our contact us page.

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