TruConnect Account Number and PIN – How to Find & Renew it?

People keep transferring their accounts from one service provider to another. If you too have recently wished to transfer your account with TruConnect to another service provider, it might be necessary to understand that you will require three essential details to make the transfer.

Most service providers have the essential details in their account dashboard, but it is not so with TruConnect. To get your account number, PIN, and billing address, read through this article to know how to go about it. But first, find out what the TruConnect account number is in the next segment.

What is TruConnect account number?

Most of you who have a TruConnect account will have an account number. Ideally, it is a unique number for your account, and any transfer process cannot be complete without this particular number.

But remember, it is not the same as your TruConnect phone number and is different from it.

Next, we will tell you how to get the TruConnect account number and PIN.

truconnect account number

How to get TruConnect account number & PIN?

Here’s what you need to do to get your TruConnect Account number and PIN:

 Obtain your TruConnect account number using this process:

  • Call the customer support department at 1-800-430-0443.
  • You can alternatively send an email to [email protected].
  • Next, press option 1 to choose the English language.
  • Choose your account number and verify your account.
  • After you receive a code on your phone, you will need to contact the code on your phone.
  • You will obtain your account number on your phone within minutes.

To get your TruConnect PIN, you must follow the below steps:

  • You can get your TruConnect security PIN by calling 1-800-430-0443 or emailing them at [email protected].
  • Alternatively, mail them, asking them for your PIN and account number.
  • When calling them, press 1 to choose the English language option or choose others at your convenience.
  • Request your PIN and account number, and then verify your account.
  • Once you receive the code on your phone, you will need to call them.
  • Within minutes, you will receive the phone account number and PIN number.

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How do I activate my TruConnect account?

To insert and activate your TruConnect account, you will need to go through the following steps.

  • Locate your SIM card tray and insert your SIM card into it.
  • Next, call the customer care number, 611, to activate your SIM card.
  • You will receive a Welcome message; click to open it.
  • If you haven’t received the message, you might have to call them at the customer care number, 1-800-430-0443.
  • After the call, a representative will work to activate your account.
  • Once the SIM card is activated, your call will be automatically disconnected.

How do I check my TruConnect account?

Simply use your sign-in credentials to log in to your account by using your username and password.

Go through your dashboard to find out more about your TruConnect account.

How do I renew my TruConnect account?

Use the following links to renew your TruConnect account.

  1. Online TruConnect Account (
  2. Mail for TruConnect Account

Calling and renewing is possible for a few via phone and to do it, you must call (855) 359-4299.

A recertification form can be mailed to them at Lifeline Support Center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

You will need your application ID, which is present on your recertification letter, and your Lifeline phone number.

If you are renewing using your online link, you can follow the below steps to start the renewal process.

  • Visit the TruConnect renew Page and then choose any one of the states.
Renew TruConnect
  • Next, login to your account, and provide your details.
  • Check the account and renew it by adding the amount and other details.
  • After completing the renewal, click on the Renew Now option.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the carrier for TruConnect?

The carrier for TruConnect is either Sprint or T-Mobile, and you can use either based on your location.

Is TruConnect really free?

Yes, it is really free, and TruConnect will offer you their services through the Lifeline and ACP processes.


Even if it is completely free, TruConnect must be recharged or renewed. Read this entire article to better understand what you must do. Free wireless services and phones are an opportunity one can use to make their lives better.

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