Is TruConnect Free? How to Get Free Tablets from TruConnect?

Have you ever heard about TruConnect? TruConnect is one of the top virtual mobile network operators in America. It provides customers with cost-effective plans, hotspots, and high-quality devices through the T Mobile network.

In short terms, TruConnect is a service provider under an affordable connectivity program that provides savings on connectivity tools and broadband services like tablets. In addition, TruConnect’s free tablet is considered a dependable lifeline supplier that provides free international calling, smartphones, unlimited text, and speaking on the government’s behalf.

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Is TruConnect free?

Is TruConnect free

TruConnect provides customers with smartphone accessories, tablets, devices, and mobile hotspots. It is one of the best prepaid wireless networks that provide pay-by-hours and mobile plans.

TruConnect provides many wireless services, including unlimited text and talk, high-speed data, and free android smartphones at no cost if the customers are qualified.

You can get free of cost wireless services through a lifeline and the affordable connectivity program of TruConnect.

Does TruConnect give free tablets?

The government-funded ACP ( Affordable Connectivity Program) is an FCC assistance program that gives discounts on monthly broadband internet services and some connected devices.

Every eligible candidate gets one device discount and one service discount. The devices, the exact ACP plans, and offers are based upon available options of inquiry time and residence state.

TruConnect allows eligible subscribers to purchase a discounted 8-inch tablet with LTE connectivity that is qualified for ACP discounts up to $100. The offers is subject to availability.

Eligibility for TruConnect free tablets

You need to become qualified for TruConnect free tablets. Here are the different eligibility requirements you need to look into to become eligible for TruConnect tablets

  1. Income-based eligibility

A person is eligible for TruConnect free tablets if their annual income is less than or equal to 135% of the federal poverty level. On the other hand, if a person’s household faces a significant loss of income, they are also eligible to avail of free tablets.

  1. Program based eligibility

If the people are eligible for the lifeline or ACP program, they are also eligible for TruConnect free tablets. Also, if they participate in any online programs, like SNAP, benefits funds program, etc., they are also eligible.  

  1. Unemployment based

Users are also eligible for TruConnect free tablets if they have been unemployed for a long time.

  1. Eligibility for enhanced support

The users who belong to tribal grounds are also eligible to take a discount of up to $75 per month on a broadband connection. Besides the benefits and offers from the TruConnect program, the tribal grounds residence also avail the enhanced tribal benefits.

How to apply for TruConnect free tablets?

It is easy and simple to apply for free tablets by TruConnect as follows as

  • First, you must apply for ACP (affordable connectivity program) through the ACP FCC support centre.
  • Then, you have to visit and enter your email address and ZIP code. Then, tap on apply now.
  • If you are eligible for state residency, then you are able to move further in the process. Here you give to provide you essential information, read instructions, and tap on submit button.
  • Once you apply, TruConnect will notify you whether your application is approved or not.

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How much does TruConnect cost?

The free tablet by TruConnect is not free of cost. According to FCC rules, if you want to obtain a discounted android tablet, you should pay a co-pay between $10 to $50.


Do you get a free phone with TruConnect?

Yes, if the participants meet the lifeline program eligibility, then they are able to get the free phone. Brand, model, etc., are determined by the respective state and inventory at the time.

Can I use my device with TruConnect?

Yes, you can use your device or smartphone on TruConnect. For this, you have to buy the SIM card and activate it on your network.


Once you register and qualify according to TruConnect eligibility, you will be able to get the free tablet. Ensure to check the lifeline and affordable connectivity program eligibility and gather all documents to apply for free tablets.

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