TruConnect Login & Sign Up Process 2023 Updated

Truconnect offers wireless service to low-income groups. They will provide high-speed internet data, unlimited talk time, and text messaging. You will also get a free Android smartphone at no extra cost. There are two prominent government programs, like Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), that offer TruConnect services. You can also get two months of Amazon Prime for free and enjoy unlimited services.

If you have recently obtained a TruConnect app account, you can learn how to sign up and login in this article.

Use the app to monitor your usage, earn rewards, top-up with data and minutes, and also connect to Wi-Fi hotspots by searching for free Wi-Fi available in 10 million locations.

How to sign up for TruConnect Account

How to Sign up & Login to TruConnect Account?

Before login to TruConnect Account, you need to Sign up at TruConnect. If you have already done it then follow the next “How to Login” Section otherwise follow the below-given guide.

First, download the TruConnect app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Once you have searched for the app and downloaded it, you will need to sign-in to the device.

  • Press on the Truconnect icon to open the app. 
  • Add your Truconnect phone number, ICCID, or the identifier on the SIM card. 
  • You can scan your SIM identifier number and then start using the app once your entry is confirmed.

 For Android users, use the following path;

  • Visit the settings tab, and then move to the About phone option.
  • You could also choose the “About device” option instead.
  • Press the Status tab and scroll through your status information presented beneath the SIM identifier.

Apple users can go to settings, press the General tab, and then press the About tab. Locate the carrier information and your SIM identifier option

TruConnect sign in or login process guide

TruConnect Account Login Process (in Steps)

Step 1- To Login to your TruConnect account, you will need to enter your phone number and password at

Step 2- Click on the sign in tab to login to your account.

TruConnect login or signup process

How to Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten the password, you can follow the brief process given below to recover your account.

Step 1- Either provide your phone number or email address, whichever you have or remember.

Step 2- To receive a code, click the “Send Code” tab and enter your phone number or email address.

Step 3- After you receive the code, enter it on the screen that will open up in front of you after you click on the “send code” option.

Step 4- If you enter the code as you have received it, you will see another screen that will ask you to reset the password.

Step 5- You will have to enter your chosen password twice. Use a password, you will remember quickly.

Step 6- Once your password is set, you will get a confirmation.

Step 7- Now, you can go ahead and login again to your account for your work.

Forgot Password

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How do I contact TruConnect?

You can contact TruConnect by filling out their Customer Support Contact page or by calling them up.

To contact them through the Customer Support page, you will need to add your query along with your name, phone number, email ID, case category, and subject line.

Contact Us Form

You can also call them at (800) 430-0443 for the resolution of your queries and to clear up any doubts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who owns TruConnect wireless?

It was founded by Matthew Johnson and Nathan Johnson and provides telecommunication services under the Sage Telecom, Telscape Communication, or TruConnect Mobile brands.

Is TruConnect a legitimate company?

It is a 100 percent legal and legitimate company that provides services to lower-end users. Telecommunications comes through them and works to provide free Wi-Fi and other essential services.

How do I check my TruConnect account?

To check your myTruConnect account, you need to enter your phone number and password.

  • You can use the site or app to login.
  • Click to check the balance and even make amends if any is required.

What is TruConnect phone number customer service?

If you are in doubt or have queries, do not forget to dial the (800) 430-0443 number, as you will be able to reach their customer service center.


Here is what we will need to know if you have taken up the TruConnect app: Use this information to learn more about your account or to check your account’s necessary details from here. Registering an account with the app can save you time and the hassle of opening up a web browser to get things done.

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